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Dreams work in a similar fashion as Genetic Algorithms. It selects naturally the fittest visuals for the dream production based on the mindset of the individual and how they would accept and understand the message. Sometimes there could be crossovers or mutations in dreams however they would still deliver the message with a slight change in the visuals. It is also based on the person to interpret a progenies message fitting the present situation or generation. A set of virtual solutions for a situation is chosen to provide the best dream which can be inferred in the waking life.

Finest Successive series of reels or dreams are created top suited for the sleeping dreams scenario. Offsprings of these successions are produced to provide a full virtual reality movie covering the space of the dream. The brain cells work like chromones which are composed of various genes (components) of dreams to mutate a better offspring dream movie to be watchable during sleep hours.

The termination of a dream occurs when the natural course of the pre-defined visual/dreams has interpreted its value in sleep.

Dear Journal,

Here are some successive series of dream’s offspring.

Dream –

Was carrying more than 7 items of gold, don’t have the exact count, came back to the living place to keep it safe, gave it to my mother and exhibited the entire gold in front of her. I couldn’t help but notice some bangles or women’s bracelets but don’t exactly remember what the others were but these trinkets were thick bangles but it was definitive they were not necklaces though.

There were 4-5 rooms on one side of a big hall where we seated ourselves and gave a handful of jewelry to my mother to keep it safe.

Dream –

Dreamt of one school friend stating she had a crush on a guy in class and was writing a note to give him and was sharing that note with me, (was shared this story in real life too, maybe it was a mutation of a real incident in the dream). Most amusing part is the note was shared on a tablet; white slate written with a red pen.

Dream –

Got to the school and there were interviews held for each one however mine was in writing and it changed to reflect 3 writings when I had written one.

Celebrities and old school and college friend had completed theirs and were giving me their feedback on such interviews.

Then having lunch with unknown friends but they seemed to be friends in the dream and one wanted to have water I was drinking so I found a water bottle which seemed like mine for the person and left the table after that. 

When I went outside, I noticed the school gate was in a different lane from where I entered it, the same road but sort of deserted and very few people walking on that road. Somehow the places and the road seemed familiar and felt I kind of had taken that road while entering the school. Then someone informed me that I have taken the back gate to leave the school.

Then I found 2 friends and moved with them, suddenly was standing on a busy street with a lot of stores and we were on a big pavement and both people and cows were on the same big pavement resting however I’m standing. Suddenly felt a black cow next to me resting and when it realized I looked at it, it seemed to have gotten angry and started to rage me with its face and somebody next to me a women moved the cow off and it went and hit another lady with a white dress and she fell on the road however astonishingly no vehicles on road, while there were a group of same white clothing group who picked her up from the road and put her back on the pavement, I couldn’t see the fallen girl but everyone in the group was in a white dress.

Then later I was with 2 different school friends, can’t say they are close friends or for that matter whether they are friends but yeah, I studied with them, we were all riding a small bicycle with a celebrity.

And the road was small at first and a car moved in, so I had to take the mud road beside it then the road became a big neat tar road. 

Again suddenly, another celebrity popped out of a car with a cake and was standing in front of an unknown house and it seemed like she was talking to her boyfriend informing of the cake. When she got on the call her face changed to be a different person not a celeb anymore.

Later, we reached another place (dream shifting) and 1 school classmate immediately fainted when she heard the other classmate say there was a bull coming to chase us. I had to carry her and the other classmate followed with a celeb. Now I could see the bull racing from a distance which was on the grass area. It came on to the building area from a distance so fast. 

Dream shifted again, I could see orange-colored clothes unexpectedly and the celeb was the one who helped to calm the bull, the bull was just staring at me now, the anger had reduced but just looking and the bull transformed into a girl and she started to do her own thing. 


Strange dreams I say…
Not a very pleasant one though…

It led to offspring of many dreams with very minimal connection but with a continuation, all in one dream. This is called genetic algorithms playing its DNA, its most important component to generate various offspring as dream successions.


Enjoy your own offspring’s dreams regularly…


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