Series III| Goddess of Dawn to the Lucent Moonlight | Poem Series

Circumstances have been 
sometimes atrabilious,
Waited for the Goddess of Aurora
To lift the dawn..

Remarkably converting to the Sun rays,
When the sun rose
Right after dawn;
Making it favourable
For the awful truth to set along…

Still yearned to linger at adobe,
Yet, craved to behold the beauty
Of the sea and nature;

The temperament it clenches;
How it shatters to asunder,
During the beginning of the sunrise..
Tarried for the birds to sing along..

Dwell into the new beginnings
of the new shiny rays,
Watch the glitter of the rays on us,
Favouriting our swiftness,
To foresee the new divine beauty,
Easing our growing darkness.

Deep-down the darkling phase,
We vale into a small place of never-bees;
Tardily, rise slowly to be a sunbeam,
Bringing light across to every being.

Raising hope in every lucent moonlight in the darkness!

Written By @Contemporary_9

Series III – Goddess of Dawn to the Lucent Moonlight

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Series III – Goddess Of Dawn to the Lucent Moonlight

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