Series I | Goddess of Dawn to the Lucent Moonlight | Poem Series

An allusion to the Goddess of Aurora / Dawn
Has its magnificence,
When in the countryside
It’s comely;
When in the city side
It’s sometimes divinely,
To catch a glimpse of such magnificence
In the surroundings…

The Dalliance between the Goddess of Dawn
And the God of Lucent Moonlighting from the background,
Raises the intensity of the dawn to flash and blaze through more brilliantly &
Seemingly diaphanous..(filmy)

The God of Lucent Moonlight efflorescence
Their chemistry by flowering out
Goddess of Dawn’s white powdery fragrance
To a fetching felicity
Glamourizing Goddess of Dawn’s beauty..

Their first sweet touch murmurs the love of their momentum,
The momentum lilting dawn’s rhythm to a mellifluous view…

Written By @Contemporary_9

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  1. The poem about Dawn is simply wonderful: a flow of images that capture the imagination and remain in the heart

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      1. You’re most welcome 💙

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Aaww, you are a sweety, thank you so sooo much ❤️😊


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