Dreams are like a Flying Cars; they are a type of personal dream vehicle that hover to our sleeping doors. They are self-driving vehicles that take off from our brain cells and land exactly during our deep or lucid sleep hours. They sometimes do give us a futuristic view and brighten our sleep time. Dreams are powered by our miniature brain cells and sharpen our memory box; they send dreams in lucid or dream state to enjoy the ride with lightness. Dreams have battery when they are fully charged by our brain, we get to drive the movie smoothly, well, if they are less charged, we have these lucid dreams which are not quite easy to control.

Drivers always prefer a safe, smooth and nice enjoyable drive.

Dear Journal,

Let’s hustle with our Flying Dreams which come during sleep.

Writing sequences of dreams with no connections from different days.

Dream – ★

Dreamt of memory cards there were 2 other people who use it, one guy and one girl, 2 memory cards big ones where one was having one country’s coin picture. Then a yellow big travel bag flew in from air they said that is the travel bag from nowhere.

Dream – ★

Bathtub full of wine blood and came from the tab like magic and immediately after that plain water cleaned up the blood and all was plain water from tap and in tub.


light green tub with slight intrinsic design, sometimes dreams are clear with specifics.

Dream – ★

Dreamt of a Butterfly pendent which could change from yellow to light purple but only one wing and the middle body could change.


Bizarre dreams, yet sometimes feel nice to see some colors.

Dream – ★

This time was riding a bicycle and met a friend and she wanted to join and we took the bridge and I was actually holding the bridge cement wall on one side for help in the busy traffic and she actually got off the bicycle and it was clearly showing me she was wearing white shoes


Sometimes, dreams are very specific of the design, colour or items, which needs a deeper reading.

Dream – ★

Well, another dream saw precious stones big one’s pink, brown and some were more like kept in one place like a museum and draw a bald Man’s face with marker and then saw 3 cousins there at the same time.


Not very great at drawing however can manage to replicate, ha ha.

Dream – ★

Ex-colleague who is a friend, she gave her red sports racing car to her crush at the office we worked at and it was actually a family car and she gave that after talking with her, got to know this news in the dream.


Hmm, who gives off a red sportsss car, haha, also a family ritual I would call it for now :), maybe they do or maybe they don’t, thank God! It was just as dream.

But hope you have a safe and smooth drive of your own sports car dreams.


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