22-2022 NEW RELEASE ★

This book has been on my mind from past 6 months from December 2021 or much before that and yet got to release it today (22-MAY-2022).

Hope you are excited about my new release…

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Book Title: LOVE QUOTES – 7 (Series Book 7)
Description: 100 Love Quotes to know about Love and Heal yourself
Author: By Contemporary_9

Genre: Fantasy | New Adult | Coming-of-age | Journal  | Diary | Young adult | Fiction | Poetry | LOVE & ROMANCE |

23-27 MAY 2022 Free to Download and Read This Book on #kindle & #amazon

5 Quotes From the Book:

Quote – 1

“When you know you have met your soulmate
There will be no debate
You’ll not be able to separate
Or find an alternate”
By Comtemporary_9

Quote – 2

“Soul ties can be binding
Yet finding maybe be challenging”
By Comtemporary_9

Quote – 3

“Love is a safe zone,
Where you know there is no harm.
With it, if kindness and goodness are added
They become your bowl of happiness.”
By Comtemporary_9

Quote – 4

“Heartbreaks happen to everyone
Well, some can be protective of their hearts
When there is a love quake
Nobody can stop the ache
You may become a dart
For everyone to throw their arrows on”
By Comtemporary_9

Quote – 5

“Love can make you weak
Love can make you strong
And change your mind
To correct everything that was wrong”
By Comtemporary_9


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More to come, thanks a ton for being patient and waiting for my new releases.



    1. Thank you 😍😊, that’s very kind of you.. appreciate 🙌❤️


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    Congratulations 🎉

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  4. Priti says:

    Wow congratulations 🎉🎉

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        Welcome 🥰stay happy 😊

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      2. Stay blessed 😊


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  5. peanutgaleon says:

    Great job publishing your book! I wish you great success and learning in your writing journey.

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    1. 😍 Thank a ton 🥰😍😇, would like to see you publish more too 🥰


  6. Harshi says:

    Congratulations! Seems like a beautiful collection and I love the book cover! ❤

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    1. Hehe…so sweet 😃 and thank you 🥰

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  7. 12champion says:

    Congratulations 🎉🎉🎉 on your achievement and much success.

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  8. Trishikh says:

    Many congratulations. It is a great achievement. You deserve it.

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    1. Thank you so much dear 😇🤍, very kind of you to say that 😊

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  9. Sreesiva says:

    As a book lover, this is the best blogsite I’ve seen… Congratulations ✨

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    1. Awww🥰, that’s so sweet ❤️💖

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  10. Daily Poetry says:

    I loved the quotes. You certainly earned it to have your book published.

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    1. Thank you soo much 😍🥰


  11. Congrats, and thanks for the follow!

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    1. Thanks, and you are welcome 🤗


  12. BBYCGN says:

    I would like to learn how to publish. Congratulations!

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    1. Anyday, try self publishing, you will get so many ways to do it dear …all the best 😊🤗 if there was private messaging here, I would have probably taught you 😊 and thank you!


  13. Poetry Goddess says:

    Beautiful quotes

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    Congratulations 🎊 👏

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    Congratulations dear ❣️

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  16. Congratulations ! 💞

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  17. BBYCGN says:

    Is it hard to publish a book? You write really well!

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    1. Thank you, I don’t know if it is hard or easy, just do a little research, get your book to a good shape and publish 🙂

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  18. hearmorefromgod says:

    Congratulations! And Welcome!!
    To May God bless you with encouragement, direction and protection as you grow in your relationship with Him through the scriptures and spending time in prayer!
    Be sure to click on the scriptures at the bottom to read and see what God will share with you personally!

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    1. Thank you and hope the same for you


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