21-12-2021 – Ready for My New Book Release ??.. 

21-25 Dec Free to Download and Read on #kindle & #amazon

Litt’ About the Book Series:

Started the series adventure 5 years ago with 2 chapters
It had to stray for reasons, that I don’t even know, Laugh a litt’
Then, it picked up pace last year
With a blueprint of 5 series (Set I) in focus and
The first book chapters were all set to be written
Still was delayed
Until I could release some this year

Will have to lay down the delay
And start to relay
some more work 🙂

Would like to thank you’ll for all the likes and comments, much appreciated

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Book Title: HanuMan MAGICAL STORIES FOR KIDGEN – 3 (Series Book 3)
Subtitle: Journey to the 7 chosen Wonders of Earth 

Description: This book contains a magical fictional story of Lord Hanuman as a child collecting diamond-shaped crystals, with his duck friend from 7 chosen breathtaking-to-historical-to-marvelous-to-mystical-to-ancient-to-mysterious-to-fictional-to fairy-tale earth wonders to create rainbow sand which helps in revitalizing earth.

Author: By Contemporary_9

Genre: Fantasy | New Adult | Coming-of-age | Picture book | Science Fiction | Short Story | Young adult | Fiction | Action and adventure |

Additional: Picture Book + Story Book for KidGen

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Chapter 1 covers World Travel Interest of the little girl and her parents who travel frequently and what experiential benefits they have gained traveling to beautiful lustrous nature places on earth.

Chapter 2 covers The NEW invention created by her father, a 3D home screen which is used as a live projector to project 7 hologram visuals of the chosen earth wonders or locations by the little girl.

Chapter 3 covers HanuMan’s adventure begins with Ancient Egypt from visiting the Alexandria library-to-taking a horse carriage-to-riding on a camel-to-visiting the famous 3 Pyramids, Sphinx, secret doorways, and the Pharaohs and Queen Cleopatra with the eternal life symbol they carry.

Chapter 4 covers the Magical and Mysterious Shambhala from the clandestine pathways-to-sages’ supernatural powers-to-myth animals-to-talking lotuses to-flying human sages and space white travel globes*-to-spaceships-to-celestial beings-to-shining flowers-to- golden age period and much…much more…

Chapter 5 covers Child HanuMan’s scientific and spiritual experience with the divine number 9 of the Marvelous Lotus Temple having 9 ponds, 9 entrances which are formed by marble lotus petals leading to discoveries of the inner self; how just very few yet significant 9 DNA rainbow-colored strands can help to live on earth holding some supernatural powers and the 9 treasures HanuMan was already blessed with.

Chapter 6 covers Child HanuMan renting a glass dome room to watch the Luscious Northern Lights, Aurora Borealis with his duck friend while laying on a comfortable bed. Then playing with the fairies in the Luscious Green Aurora dancing Lights and getting invited to a Fairyland to see the Fairies Houses which he promises to visit.

Chapter 7 covers HanuMan catching a glance of the sun god helping to bring the jewel up at the center of the Mayan Pyramid at El Castillo.

Chapter 8 covers About the crystal that breaks its bonds or clutches from the machine type technology; which is an invisible equipment that elevates from the soil from the center of the Roman Amphitheater, Colosseum. This invisible machine-made equipment can be viewed by HanuMan since he holds supernatural powers.

Chapter 9 covers About discovering 2 pieces of one crystal in 2 different fairy houses, when brought together joins forces and luminates the actual color and power of the crystal, which no one was aware of since it was skipped by a generation passing it on to their kinfolk’s in Yangtian Lake grassland fairyland consisting of fairy houses.

Chapter 10 describes the talented belle and her father make a hologram visual of 7 floating islands in the air for child HanuMan to find the last crystal in the puzzle and place the 7 diamond-shaped crystals on the 7 floating islands for the sand to form 7 different colors of the crystals and how HanuMan meets the little girl and family via hologram network.

HanuMan collects the 7 different colored soil in a wooden box along with the crystals to place at the center of the earth – Shambhala; to create the rainbow soil and spread across the 7 chosen wonder to the entire earth soil to revitalize.

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  1. I watched the book trailer. You did a good job putting it together. Congratulations on this recent book release!

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    1. Hey thank you so much, it is really nice of you say 😊😍…I have just edited it 🤗, thank you once again for the hearty congratulations wishes, it’s very kind of you to put in a note here 😊😊

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  3. Priti says:

    A heartiest congratulations 🎉 for your new book 😊💕

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    1. Hey, thank you so much for the wonderful wishes, much appreciated 😍👍💖


      1. Priti says:

        It’s my pleasure 😊🤗 may God fulfil your all wishes 🤗💓🙏

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      2. Hey, much needed it…Thank youuuuuuuuu 😘💕


      3. Priti says:

        😊Stay happy and blessed forever 🤗😊💓🎉

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      4. Priti says:

        Thanks ❤🎅

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  4. Wishing you all the best for ’22

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    1. Much needs from people like you 🤟🙌👍🤚💖💖⭐🌟💫


    2. Where do you get the Mandala pictures, they are extravagantly different and quotes are of all variety, you try to match the quote to the mandala or sometimes just the quotes as they are….beautiful if you have taken those pictures, you have an eye for it 🤩🤩🥂 🕊️🕊️


    1. Did you just re-blog my post 😊,well that’s sweet, if you did..


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