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Subtitle: Analytics for Nichers’ – know where and how to use the techniques
Author: By Contemporary_9

Genre: Business | Young Adult | Children’s | Coming-of-age | Business/economics | Guide |
Additional: Short Book for Young Adults who want to pursue a career in modern technology – Analytics & Artificial Intelligence

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Analytics for Nichers‘:

Description: From Data to Insights…Analytics – Types, Future and details for Nichers’ (beginners) who would like to know about this Industry

Analytics has been in use for more than decades now directly or indirectly by Industry & Business Specialists, Tenderfoots (Newcomers’), Aspires (Enthusiastic crowd waiting to come to the operational environment) and Net-Worth Individuals (High-Medium-Low Net-Worth Individuals including Common Crowd) either in businesses, corporates or in regular day-to-day lives. Thinking how??


Experts always relied on their vast experience background and gained familiarity from their accomplished past experiences to create strategic plans to run their businesses professionally and lucratively.

The Tenderfoots and Aspires followed their pathways combining their logical thinking to generate results in the primary stages.

The Net-Worth Individuals have made decisions based on experiences from past situations to get to conclusions.


“Analytics is nothing but reviewing the past data and inferring the HOW, WHEN, WHY and WHAT & WHAT IFs to foresight the likelihood outcomes which estimate to realistic numbers, with the assistance of statistical or factual methodologies aiding in best results to run businesses or lives effectively”

Types of Analytics:

Descriptive Analytics: This would be the quintessential process of analytics; it would provide the recap, review, information, summary, and insights of the past and current data. This will help you check the HOW & WHEN of the data/patterns. Descriptive analytics would help in condensing, slicing and dicing data to provide influential insights to the viewer.

Examples: To check how many purchases were made last year?

                  Which product had the highest number of sales?

                  What is the revenue generation for last months?

I believe 80% of the industry use Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics

There is another type of analytics that I believe is recently highlighted – Diagnostic Analytics – It is the inquisitive analytics which makes us check on the WHY of the data. The infographic data visualizations will provide the drill-down and help us discover the relationships, patterns, and correlations in the data. You would encounter these analytics in factor analysis, clustering, market segmentation, etc.

I believe 80% of the industry use Descriptive and Diagnostic Analytics

Examples: Why is this month’s revenue lower than the projected?

                  Why didn’t we have a positive response to our new
                   product from the target potential customer segments?

                   Why have the sales drastically dropped over the months?

Predictive Analytics: It observes the patterns of the historic and real-time data and makes inferences or likely outcomes of the future. It provides the WHAT might happen inferences or predictions of the data.

Examples: What type of response we would have from a particular
                   market segment to the new product?

                   Will the revenues from a particular region be high or low 
                   next quarter?

                   Will the policies of the child endowment plan lapse or
                   would be in force next year?       

I believe 15-20% of the industry use Predictive Analytics

Note: Check Helpful resources links for examples of Predictive Analytics (Sales Forecasting, Survival Analysis, Policy lapse prediction, Regression, Discrete Choice Model, Markov Chains, Brand Switching models, Stochastic models, etc.)

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