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Subtitle: Journey with the stars – Space World
Author: By Contemporary_9

Genre: Fiction | Young Adult | Children’s | Coming-of-age | Science Fiction | Paranormal | Fantasy | Action and adventure | Picture Book | Short story |
Additional: Picture Book + Story Book for KidGen

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This book contains a magical fictional story of Lord Hanuman as a child collecting diamond-shaped crystals, with his duck friend and the Angelic Swan in space to form a space-rainbow for space-celestials to take a vacation to visit all their star-friends, galaxy-friends, milky-way, and planet-friends.

Chapter 1 covers 5 Sky related Dreams of the little girl, including the constellations, sky record book, night sky with moon and her star-children, shooting stars, eclipse with different forms or phases of the moon, a star falling down on earth of a heavenly seer

Chapter 2 covers The NEW invention created by her father, a 3D home screen which is used as a live projector of a planetarium, famous locations, hologram visuals of superhero characters, ancestors, or any character the children desire. Her father describes how it functions and she selects the live pictures to continue with the story.

Chapter 3 covers How the Space-Rainbow is formed during a specific time for the space beings to travel on a vacation to meet their space-friends, star-friends, galaxy-friends, other milky-way-friends, and planets-friends to maintain peace

Chapter 4 covers Where the Big Bearconstellationhelps child HanuMan realize his supernatural powers

Chapter 5 covers Child HanuMan’s experience with the Milky-way and Sky records which are in the form of books and invites the angelic Swan from the sea world of the previous book

Chapter 6 covers HanuMan meeting with the 7 shining seers of the sky (Big Dipper), who are already blessed with supernatural powers.

Chapter 7 covers HanuMan’s meet with the 7 hot luminous blue stars, Pleiades, celestial beings of the sky who are extremely beautiful

Chapter 8 covers About the translucent white globe of the sky which helps them to travel to any location in space

Chapter 9 covers About the colorful stars in space, where child HanuMan visits and collects each jewel from the stars to form the space-rainbow

Chapter 10 describes how HanuMan helps to form the colorful rainbow in space, for the safety space travel visits

There would be a series of books with different magical fictional stories of Lord HanuMan as a child, to be read as bedtime stories to the children with a learning.

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