Dear Journal,

Dreams are like Neural Networks (Algorithms). Here is why, it circuits the brain cells which are composed of memories, helping us sometimes to solve our real-life anomalies. When it weighs the memories to the positive tangent, we are in an excitatory state and when they lean towards the negative memory cells, we feel inhibited.

All activities are recorded and based on the perceptiveness of the memory’s; dreams are summed with a single output. It adapts, controls, self-learns from our memories to display it as an experienced reel or a movie, the dreams are sometimes complex and apparently unconnected sets of information. The brain cells with the weight of the memory network form a sequential dream to be visible during our sleep.

Writing sequences of dreams from different days, no connections.

Dream – ★

Red and white bikes zoomed the opposite side of our bike and my cousin got hurt on the left shoulder. However, the astonishing part is that the hurt seemed like it was healing rather than blood flowing.


Dreams have weird ways of exhibiting themselves.

Dream – ★

Was in one of the schools I sort of like, so I consider it a positive sign when I get this school environment.

In the dream I was back in this school and it was crowded with girls in neon yellow shirt and skirt uniforms, they were all coming from the ground, stating that the Provident Fund is released.

Then, was attended a meeting next to the hall and small staff room area and they sent some papers and it landed only in my hand and others couldn’t read but they took 2 top papers and I tried to share the rest. Still, everyone else in that place was trying to come and take the remaining papers too, to read.

Dream – ★

In this dream, I went to a movie theatre. They called out my name and presented me with a small remote stating I could do anything with it, however they warned me not to do anything while the cinema was running. During the break pressed the buttons but not all were working in the remote only 1-2 buttons that too for a short time. 

Moved outside the movie theater which was in a mall and met a friend who was wearing a saree, and offered me to sit and have a chat for a few minutes. She placed a special chilly sandwich order for herself by requesting the chef with only hand gestures from outside the restaurant in the mall. I asked for one too, she signaled the chef from outside the glass door restaurant again, to prepare another one but with less spice this time with hand gestures.

Then she ordered ice cream only for herself, then I landed at the ice cream store too and we placed an order for me too. It was a brown ice cream with chocolate chips shaped in the form of pastries and the ice cream looked big with a lot of other ice cream toppings on the plate.


Hope you too enjoy your ice creamed dreams frequently.


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