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Dreams are like human drones, automatically controlled by our brains in sleep. They are becoming extremely popular in our sleep over time. Brain uses dreams (drones) in innovative ways to share relative messages touching our reality.

Dreams are like drones collecting the messages, visuals and data from brain and they fly from nowhere and transport those messages and visuals in the form of packages in front of our eyes during our sleep.

Dream Drones come in different forms of size, shape and color and the package delivery also depends on whether we ordered for it or it is flown from somewhere. However, dreams are always unexpected packages. The human controlling the dream drone is our brain. It remote controls it the way it pleases so that’s why I guess our dreams waver. Dream Drones have made their own way to enter our sleep homes and entertain us.

Dear Journal,

Let’s start the Dream Hustles.

Writing sequences of dreams with no connections from different days.

Dream – ★

At my grandmother’s place, there was an insect in the food that was kept. Took a photo of the green insect. Sister had dinner with dad from outside. Mum and dad had fought, sister supporting mum. Then dad goes out and is calling someone and figured out that, that work would take 1 hour, so he decided to check the palace in grandmother’s place. (There is a palace in her place in real)

We all wanted to go the palace too and asked him. Then, after a long walk since we hadn’t gone to the palace, asked if we could go, my sister says, we already have come to the end of the town. But dad says, we can always take a turn from another road and return back. When we took that turn the road had tiled stones with pink flowers on either side of the tiled road, he had his arm opened indicating to take a walk on that road in a welcoming way (Dads are always sweet to their daughters). My sister called out the name of the Road and it takes a while more than regular time for a walk back to the palace. 


It was a beautiful road with pink flowers and a lamp post. The distance is what I was calculating in the dream. Heheh…

Dream – ★

In this dream was offered 2 dishes, to choose between Chapattis (roti) and Chana (one food dish) and Chana bhatura (another food dish)

But in the dream chapati (roti) was pointed to have as a choice while I like poori (bathura)


Again, strangest part is someone is showing to eat something I like lesser in comparison and yet both look delicious and I can’t have poori dish while I like and want to.

Life also must be like this right; we can’t have what we like due to restrictions of our mind or other outside circumstances but a daily roti or bread is needed for everyone and everyone would be offered that to live day to day life.

Dream – ★

Dreamt of eating sandwich twice in this other dream – last one was hot and readily provided, no knock-on the door or entry just a bing sound and it was there on the plate toasted (white and light brown bread) ready to eat. It looked yummy and delicious that I immediately picked it up from the white plate and started to eat.

Dreams I say…are very tempting with food dishes

Please enjoy your dreams, bet they also deliver drone packages in delicious sleep….

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