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Digi Journal

Dear Journal,

Hope you are doing well.

Let’s capture all the treasure kept dream memories and other frictional writings here. Which were and are secured in the brain cells like cryptocurrency – where these frictional writings and virtual reality dreams will be available now in form of a digital record in this journal (like a ledger) and stored as a computerized database. Journal, you will be decentralized and distributed between my blogs (other blogger link) like blockchain, that will be available to everyone as an open source and a database of dreams and more. 

Only difference is that these dreams and/or frictional writings can’t be transacted or exchanged as they are personal assets. It is this blogger’s individual coin (dream or other information) ownership.

Also, using the technology connotation to represent writing in a different style yet similar to how these technologies work, acting like a knowledge base for beginners to these new technologies and have the willingness or eagerness to know or learn about these technologies in a simple way. 

Dreams or the frictional writings will be in short paragraphs which might not have linkages like the regular dreams with sequences. Only one or few sequences in a dream or a collective of dreams will be shared. Also, will add frictional details mopping or camouflaging the dreams slightly, again a different style and will try and represent only mind capturing dreams.


Read my starting blogs of Contemporary Dreams , dreams, common dreams to gain an understanding of my writing style and the base and expectation of the future journal.


Thank you Journal for helping me share the inmost reels of brain cells.


Dream ★ (won’t quote with number)

This was one of the most treasurable dream which happened most recently. 

Family had baked a cake and sent across that day in the morning which I wasn’t aware as I was still sleeping and dreaming this. 

Dreamt of having a Swiss chocolate, which anyone would love and was craving for pastries and asking family whether we can go out and buy.

In the meantime, in the dream a friend who had shared pictures of pastries in real life, few days ago. Those same pictures were relayed in the dream however after that there were series of pictures flowing in by the same friend but it increased and there were loads of food piled up and were filled in packages and someone was carrying those packages, sort of seemed like a delivery of variety of bread. Funny, maybe I was hungry in my dream.

Later (here comes the part, wanted to mention), that same person sent another section of photos which was representing small bell curved shaped mud houses and saw dark purple small/tiny fairies and was asked to arrange their house (indicating it as a puzzle), on the small mud shaped hill and it had small colored doors to their houses. The doors where the same color of the fairies. While arranging saw yellow fairies and other colors too which weren’t that clear. The prominent colors were dark violet and yellow fairies.

After that only one fairy moved away from that beautiful scene which are generally seen in real time frictional movies and that one dark violet dressed tiny fairy was flying away to the regular world.

Building of the fairies’ houses with those pictures was like puzzle building, it felt amazing to fix the puzzle and gave a soothing feel to the eyes. 

I believe most have grown up hearing about fairies or about magical fairy tales with beautiful nature scene stories. Setting up those tiny violet doors for the bell shaped mud houses on a small mud hill felt like that and give a beautiful fairy tale picture in the dream. 

Enjoy your life’s fairytale dream too…


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