Dreams captured shine in our brain cells


Dreams are aspirations or goals
Dreams that come during sleep
Visions that come anytime

Dreams have their own timing to knock our sleeping doors. They like revealing themselves in a form of subtle messages and sometimes if we are not listening they come in a hard form.

Not everyone dreams and not that everyone dream everyday either but we have dreams that we haven’t even seen in real life or we might see tomorrow.

Dreams are real and are colorful

There are common dreams that everyone have where the meaning is the same but the way the dream interprets for us is different.

Dreams can be interpreted easily by relating it to your life, the sequences will fall in place when you start relating. It is amazing to venture out in that prospective to gain an understanding.

Dreams in totality are different for everyone but noticed different people have same/similar dreams. Yes, I’m saying a collective of different people have same dreams. Strange! Yes, it maybe but then there can be a small percentage of the chances of it to be true. Think about it!!

Many have seen and learnt from their dreams. Dreams interpret themselves in the form of signs, messages and live visuals from our memory stored brain cells, which we have noticed and unnoticed but are captured in the memory storage of our brains.

Brain as a structure might look small like our computer chips, memory cards yet they have a capacity to hold large sum of information and data.

Why are we not looking and aspiring to dream in our sleep, we might not be able to control it but we can enjoy it as a movie unless it is not a horror one. Well, some enjoy horror movies too and a dream only lasts for a short time period. 

Dreams can change our mood, we can depend on it when we have good ones, it will give a fresh feel to our brain and eyes.

Enjoy your dreams !! They can be dear too all

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